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Tyler’s experience with AutoCAD began in early 1999. With a trial version of the program and one tutorial on how to draw a line, Tyler began the process of teaching himself the program. The following year, Tyler began CAD drafting courses at North High School already well above most of his classmates. By the time of his graduation in 2002, he had an advanced knowledge of the program.

Tyler has used AutoCAD professionally since August of 2002. He has drafted small single page landscape designs, through hundreds of pages of facility piping drawings. Tyler has a history of maximizing the capabilities of AutoCAD to create effective construction documents.

He has experience from versions r14 through the current edition as well as other AutoCAD variants like AutoCAD Architecture.


Tyler’s introduction to Sketchup began in 2006 with Copley Design Collaborative. He was trained on the job and utilized the program for 3-dimensional design and visualization for various master planned communities. He took his experience with him to PDA Architects the following year. With PDA, Tyler modeled almost all projects; ranging from custom residences to large medical office buildings. He integrated Sketchup with Artlantis, combining to create near photo realistic renderings.

Since PDA, Tyler has mostly used the program to develop detailed 3d models of large custom residences in the high country of Colorado at Bhh Partners. Bhh utilizes Sketchup with Layout to streamline the creation of building elevations, understand and design site grading, as well as a tool to work through the design with clients.

Adobe Creative Suite

Tyler was originally introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite through Photoshop training in his high school drafting courses. It was utilized as a tool to create digital graphics implemented with outputs from 3d Studio and AutoCAD. From there, he continued to use it mostly in the same way: as a post production graphics and rendering tool.

Tyler also has experience professionally and academically with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and even a brief foray into Premier Pro. He has a very strong understanding of how to operate graphics editing software in an Architectural environment.

Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu is a tool for creating, editing, marking up, collaborating and sharing PDF documents, specifically related to the building trades. Tyler’s experience with Bluebeam Revu came out of necessity during his time consulting with Raptor Construction. He trained himself on the program and utilized it for detailed project takeoffs supporting cost estimates on large custom homes.

Microsoft Office

Tyler’s exposure to the Microsoft Office suite began in the 6th grade (1995). He has extensive experience with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Project. With Excel, Tyler has continually used the programming available to streamline and create complex documents supporting estimates, bid qualification forms, material takeoffs, and project draw sheets, among others.

Tyler also utilized Microsoft Project to create and track detailed project schedules in both a design and construction capacity.


Tyler’s experience with Building Information Modeling software began in 2012 with CadWorx designing complex Oil and Gas process facilities. CadWorx utilizes a detailed set of specification driven design tools to create intelligent 3d piping, structure and equipment models. Tyler quickly became an expert in the software and helped KSI Engineering develop complete new standards, catalogs and internal training documents for the massive upgrade in CadWorx 2013.

Tyler is eager to begin his experience with BIM software in an architectural environment.

Misc Software

To date, Tyler has worked with over 30 different types of software in both an educational and professional setting. He can quickly learn and become an efficient operator of any piece of technical or graphic software that is presented to him. Below is a list of other software Tyler has worked with:

  • Artlantis Studio
  • BuilderTrend
  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • 3D Studio
  • GeneralCADD
  • Isogen

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