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Residential Construction Tips from an Architect

Project Coordination

Tyler has been acting as a project coordinator and/or project manager professionally since his time with PDA Architects in 2007, working with various members of the project team and the client to effectively organize and control project’s throughout their life cycle.

Tyler was regularly called upon to coordinate the municipal approval processes with planning, building, and other bureaucratic departments where required. He has achieved approval for projects throughout California, Colorado & North Dakota ranging from private surgery centers through large oil & gas operations.

Tyler has a thorough understanding of project budgets, schedules & contracts – including AIA contracts.


Drafting has been the bread and butter of Tyler’s experience with the building trades. Since day one he has been versed in how to draw and properly prepare technical documents. It was this skill that opened up the world for him professionally.

He has 19 years of experience drafting using both hand and computer based techniques. He has drawn for residential landscape designers, commercial landscape architects, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, structural engineers, and architects.


Tyler’s experience with 3d computer based modeling software began around the same time as his drafting knowledge. He was trained in 3D Studio starting his junior year of high school (2000) and went on to work with countless pieces of standalone and integrated software including various Autodesk products and Sketchup.

He has modeled custom residences, large commercial projects, healthcare facilities, and oil and gas process facilities both in a standard and BIM environment. He has worked with both interior and exterior models as well as integrated tools to achieve photo realistic renderings.

Code Compliance

Tyler’s experience with code compliance has been both in the design and construction environments. With PDA Architects, Tyler regularly acted as a code compliance specialist during the design and regulatory approval processes utilizing the California Building Codes. His time consulting with Raptor Construction involved regular supervision to ensure code compliance, as well as overseeing the required permit inspections.

Tyler has experience with the California Building Codes – including the Green Building Standards – as well as the International Building Codes in both commercial and residential industries.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Tyler was exposed to the Americans with Disabilities Act in an architectural setting in 2007 with PDA Architects. The California Building Codes implemented vigorous ADA requirements which were required on all commercial projects.  He regularly participated in regulatory approval processes requiring demonstration of ADA compliance in the permit documents.

Tyler has also lead extensive ADA survey’s on existing buildings for government agencies and other private stakeholders looking for deficiencies and necessary upgrades to stay on top of the ever developing standards of the ADA.

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